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Squeezing More Profits from your List Building

Your mailing list will probably take you a while to build up, but it is worth making the effort, because of the enormous benefits that an effective mailing list will bring to your business.

Once you’ve got started on building your mailing list (and remember that your list building should be an ongoing process which is never really finished) your subscribers are to some extent a captive audience. It is much easier to get your mailing list to part with their hard-earned money than it is new prospects who don’t really know you yet.

That is precisely why you need a mailing list, but then once you have that, you need to maximize its potential for profit, which is what you are going to learn how to here.

So how do you make the most of your mailing list?

Squeeze them in
The first step in building up a relationship with your subscribers starts right at your squeeze page. Let people know exactly what they can expect from subscribing to your mailing list, and make sure you live up to your promises. Reassure them that yours is an opt in mailing list so it is only by signing up and confirming the subscription that you will contact them and that you will not sell on their email address.

What’s in it for them?
People want to see value for being a member of your mailing list. That is something you will have to make obvious to potential members of your mailing list, in order to entice them to sign up. Tell them what is in it for them, such as a free report, immediately upon confirmation. A free giveaway like this will really boost the success of your list building.

Let them know who they are dealing with: you!
Gradually, let your mailing list subscribers get to know you. The first contact you make with them sets the tone of your future relationship. Give people some details about yourself. Tell them how you can help them achieve what they want to achieve. How well you bond with your subscribers at this stage determines how they react to future emails from you.

Tell them what to expect
Let them know what to expect from being on your mailing list. Tell them what you’ll send them and how often you will contact them. Make sure they know if you will be recommending products and services that you personally use to run your business. List all the benefits of being on your list in your first email to new mailing list subscribers so they know exactly what to expect in the future.

Get personal
Write your messages as if you were writing to a friend. Make your subscribers feel like you’re writing a personal note, just to them. They will feel valued, and the more they feel valued, the more they will value you and want to bring their business to you.

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