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The Importance Of Stress Management


Nowadays stress seems to be nothing more than a bothersome anchor that’s holding us down. Sure, there are plenty of people that can still use stress to their advantage, but…


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Stress tends to be the crutch of humanity. While most other creatures out there would most likely use stress to their advantage in order to pull through any serious life threatening situations, we tend to take a different approach when it comes to facing off against stressful situations. We usually either freeze up, leaving us completely vulnerable against any danger whatsoever, or we end up running away with our tails between our legs.

This is the sad truth behind humanity as a whole, we don’t usually know how to deal with stress or what even causes it in the firstplace. For example, did you know that stress used to be like a sort of spider sense for us, allowing us to foresee dangerous situations approaching us, telling us that we need to either fight it out or flee with our lives? Yes, that’s right, we used to be dependent on feelings such as stress and fear, since they would force us to pull through inhumane conditions and increase the chances of our survival as a species. Regardless of the past though, we no longer require stress as a tool in order to fight it out for our survival.