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Self Confidence Secrets


There’s a big difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence is your attitude and your belief in your ability to get things done. Real self-esteem must …


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Starting in the 1960s, the self-esteem movement in the USA and elsewhere began in earnest. The idea behind this educational movement is pretty straightforward. If you foster self-esteem in students, selfconfidence will naturally follow. When people are more confident, they tend to excel better in life. This has been the accepted gospel in education policy for going on fifty years now. The thinking is pretty straightforward. It’s simply elegant, actually, since self-confidence involves one’s attitude about one’s ability to get things done. When people have a high opinion of themselves, confidence should naturally flow, right? Not quite.

It turns out of that “hollow” self-esteem only tends to produces impostor syndrome and, worse yet, and entitlement mentality. Whatever achievements people get with this mindset will be quite spotty.