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InstantAgency is a New Software which Finds unlimited local business leads that desperately need your help In 3 Easy Steps Without Paid Ads Plus Stunning Agency Site Builder.


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InstantAgency is a New Software which Finds unlimited local business leads that desperately need your help In 3 Easy Steps Without Paid Ads Plus Stunning Agency Site Builder.

There’s a saying that people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. That’s also true when it comes to local business owners. They know they need more customers in order to succeed, but they hate the average guy coming in their business trying to sell them a service. Or worse, taking up their time when they are trying to run the business. So you know what works best? Email. Because everyone checks their email multiple times a day. So what if you could have a system that allowed you to find these qualified businesses that need help? And what if you could send them a high converting email that got them to raise their hands asking you for help? And what if you never had to cold call or have a face to face meeting with them?

If you’re interested in that as well as having these same local businesses pay you a six figure income, then go ahead and jump over to InstantAgency. InstantAgency is a complete cloud based system in a box that let’s ANYONE start generating cash with their very own local agency setup.

And this will work great for you if: You Have Never Made A Single Dime Online, You Want To Create Consistent Income Month In and Month Out, You Need A Proven System That Converts Clients To Cash, You Want To Add More Income to Your Existing Income, You Need An Opportunity That Works Around Your Busy Schedule, You Want To See Results In 30 Days Or Less (Sometimes In A Week!), You Want An Opportunity You Can Scale Into A Six Figure Income, You Want An In Demand Service You Can Provide That People Regularly Pay You For Without Hesitation. Plus, even if you don’t have any prior experience or you are a complete beginner, InstantAgency is perfect for you.

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InstantAgency Helps You Generate Profits In Only 3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Use Their Global Business Lead Finder Software: Just enter a few details, hit enter and their software will bring back a ton of business leads with all the information you need. Name, physical address, email addresses, phone numbers, website & ratings are all included. This can be done in any area you want and for any market too! All it takes are just a few clicks of your mouse!

Step #2: Select The Businesses That Have Problems (their System Identifies This For You In An Instant): Once you have these businesses, just follow the simple steps to create a eye-opening report that you can send to the local business owner outlining all the problems that they need to fix. Don’t worry, this system does this as well.

Step #3: Offer to Help and Close The Sale (No Cold Calling Necessary): Once you have the report, just load up their high converting email templates and send to the local business owner. Once they reply for help, just point out the problems, offer to help fix them, and collect the check! It’s that simple.

So if you’re getting excited (which you should be) about the opportunity to finally break through and generate the income you deserve, go ahead and go here now. But you’ll need to act fast because InstantAgency is only available at a discount for a limited time. So go ahead and head over now to get your account.

InstantAgency Features

  • The Global Business Lead Finder: Use this to find every single business lead there is available in the world. Just enter a few details like they show you in the training and you’ll have leads available in a matter of minutes. All the data you need for each lead is made available to you as well. From Name, physical address, email addresses, phone numbers, website & ratings too!
  • The SEO Auditor: Just enter the potential client’s website and let this tool to the rest. This tool will check over 50 different areas for the website. Once it’s done, it will create a very engaging pdf file that you can hand to any business. From there, just offer to fix the problems for them and get paid.
  • The Done For You Agency Website Creator: No need to design your own website. This built in option does it for you. Just edit a few details and you can instantly have an agency website for Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Videos Services, and Social Media Marketing.
  • The InstantAgency One Click Email Sender: Your workflow of contacting potential clients will be seamless with this option. Once InstantAgency finds the email of your leads, you can easily contact them with one single click. Then just choose from the email templates or from one you’ve customized yourself and hit send! This way you can get more done with less time.
  • The InstantAgency Campaign Manager: With the Global Business Lead Finder, you’re going to have a LOT of leads. Trust me. It’s true. So with this option you can keep track of all the potential leads you want to work with. This will keep you organized, save you time, and you can reach out to them with various service offerings later.
  • The InstantAgency Opportunity Management Dashboard: Add any lead to your Task Manager to manage them from lead to long term client. Keep track of solid opportunities you find, products you’re working on, and clients in one easy-to-use place.
  • The Mobile Optimization Analyzer: Since close to 50% of traffic is mobile based, it’s important that a site shows up correctly on a mobile device. This option will quickly show you if a prospect’s site is mobile friendly and how fast it loads. Thus offering you another opportunity to offer your services.
  • The InstantAgency Client Calendar: This options helps you with detailed tracking of project deadlines, meetings with potential clients, and more. Plus you’ll also be able to use it to manage all your outsourcing needs that will help automate your recurring income.
  • Google Places Reviews Researcher: You’ll also be able to see the reviews for any local business in a flash for Google Places. Thus being able to offer another service for a monthly fee.


What InstantAgency Can do for you

  1. Top 10 Proven To Convert Email Templates: Regardless of what you might have heard, email isn’t dead. It’s still the #1 method of communication today. So it just makes sense for you to have email templates that provoke the local business owner’s curiosity right? That’s what you’re getting here. You won’t have to think of what to say or write. Just choose from these templates, make a few edits, and watch the magic happen. You’ll soon see that you’ll have local business owners lining up requesting your help with guaranteed cash in hand.
  2. Private List Of The Top 30 Local Business Niches For Fast Profit: You can search for any type of business niche inside of InstantAgency. Honestly. It doesn’t matter. But just in case you’re stuck for ideas, I’m going to give you 30 of the top local business niches that have a ton of profit in them. This way you can hit the ground running and land your first clients as quickly as possible.
  3. My Specialized Step by Step Easy Outsourcing Cheat Sheet: If you have some of the skills necessary to fulfill the services that the local businesses need, then that’s great. But just to be clear, you don’t need to have a single skill. All you need is to follow the steps I laid out for you here and you can outsource a ton of the work for very reasonable prices. Don’t worry about trying to figure this part out. I’ve got everything laid out for you in an easy to follow manner. Just follow along and you’ll start raking in the profits while you relax in no time.
  4. Complete Video Training: If you’re like most people, you’re probably a visual learner. That’s why I’ve painstakingly and meticulously created a dynamic set of training videos that will get you up to speed with InstantAgency fast. There’s no guesswork involved here. Just follow the training to get the results you desire.
  5. Top Notch 24/7 Support – Free: Even after going through all the training, if you ever find yourself stuck, don’t worry. Just send me a support request and either myself or someone on my team will get back to you quickly. And you’ll never have to be concerned about paying for support. Every aspect of InstantAgency is supported at no extra charge. This way you can focus on what really matters. And that’s creating a ton of profit from your new agency!