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Happiness Through Self-Care


When we are constantly pushing ourselves and berating ourselves, life loses its color. It loses its fun. And ultimately, it becomes somewhat meaningless. The truth of the mat…


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Life would be that much easier if you loved yourself. Too many people live with low self-esteem. Too many other people are simply indifferent toward themselves. When was the last time your Mum asked if you were ‘looking after yourself’? Can you honestly say that you are? Too often, we place too much pressure on ourselves, or we expect too much of ourselves. We are constantly working hard toward our goals, and we beat ourselves up if we are anything other than perfect in that pursuit.

Is it any surprise we are often over-tired, malnourished, and depressed? What a difference it would make if you spent time looking after yourself. If you surrounded yourself with friends who loved you, if you gave yourself a break every now and then, and if you told yourself you were doing great. What if you really loved who you were, and you were satisfied with what you had?