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Easy Keto


More and more research is being conducted and showing the link between weight and health. To date, more than 60 chronic diseases are linked to obesity and overweight. This ca…


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The keto diet is one of the best diets to follow if you are trying to lose weight fast and transform your lifestyle. The keto diet is a dramatic diet shift for most people, making it notoriously difficult to start. One of the best ways to start your keto diet is to arm yourself with the most reliable and helpful information possible.

That is why I have decided to create this eBook. In Easy Keto, I provide you with a straightforward and practical guide to the keto diet. This includes keto recipes and meal plans for beginners. To make this book a bit easier to follow, I separated it into three parts. In Part 1, I go over the keto diet and what you should expect from it. Next, I cover what meal planning is and how you should set up a meal plan based on your day in Part 2. Finally, I give you several keto recipes to try out in Part 3.