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PLR Ebook | 5 Easy Ways Make Money Offline

Description: 5 Easy Ways To Make Money OFFLINE From Local Businesses! No Technical Skills Needed – NO SEO Work Involved – NO Setting Up Auto-responders!

This report was designed to give you an ‘out of the box’ perspective on how you can charge local offline businesses for general “Internet Marketing” services, but specifically not SEO services or setting up auto-responders.

Here are the 5 “Simple Methods” that you can use to make easy money from local offline businesses.

  • Simple Method #1: One simple thing you can do is offer article marketing services to a local business.
  • Simple Method #2: Another method of making some easy money in the offline local business world, is to offer blog creation services to local businesses.
  • Simple Method #3: The 3rd method of making easy cash from offline businesses is to offer Myspace/Facebook page creation services.
  • Simple Method #4: This method involves a little bit more work, but not much. Many businesses could benefit GREATLY from having Craigslist ads posted for them once a week or once a day even.
  • Simple Method #5: Last but not least, we are going to discuss a method that makes some people a LOT of money!

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