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Product #174 – Leadership Authority

Product: eCourse (AudioBook and Video Course Version)
Description: This eBook will help you begin that transformation into the charismatic, courageous and passionate leader you can be. By the end, you’ll understand what makes the difference between a stuffy manager and a passionate leader. Then you’ll be able to take your team into the stratosphere and beyond!

Leadership Authority PLR comes with everything you need to share with your customers on how they can inspire their team and make extraordinary things happen!

Topics include:

What makes a Great Leader?
How to inspire your Team
How to incentivize the Right Way
How to increase your Charisma and Authority
How to deal with a Crisis
Is it better to be Feared or Liked?
Dealing with Dissidents
Creating Teams and Encouraging Teamwork
Understanding Characters and choosing the Right Person for the Job
The 10 Most Powerful Tips for Leaders

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