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It is a cloud-based application for creating online stores. With this application, you don't need to rent hosting anymore to be able to have an Online Store. You only need to log in, upload products, and your Online Store is ready to use. Equipped with a blog feature so that your online store is easy to find on search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

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Frequently asked questions
Our products are Internet Marketing products in the form of business guides, design templates, software, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins, PHP Scripts, etc.
All the products we sell are original products, not cracked/pirated/nulled script. Even the WP Theme that we sell has an official license for us to sell to customers
With lifetime membership privileges, you don’t have to worry about your membership ending suddenly. When the membership out there ends, we are still able to survive since 4 years ago and there are no plans to close this membership.
Please Click the “Join Now” Button. You will be directed to the Registration Form. Fill in the form, then submit and you are registered. Simple, right?