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Description: Video is the most rapidly increasing medium for engagement online. If you have any doubt as to why you should develop a video marketing strategy for your business, then consider the words of marketing genius Seth Godin:

“The web was built on words. And words, of course, are available to anyone who can type. They’re cheap, easy to edit and incredibly powerful when used well. Today’s internet, though, is built on video. Much more difficult to create well, far more impactful when it works.”

As the internet has developed, it has progressed from the standpoint where businesses that played a dictator role into one where they have
eased off the direct sales pitches and moved to a conversational role. The change in marketing strategy has come about as the web progressed from gaudy flash animations to more engaging copy, then inspiring photography and ultimately to video, which has not slowed in its takeover of online marketing.

Engagement is key for modern web marketing and is a key metric for success.

The rise of video isn’t just a result of a natural progression from text to visual stimulation. It’s the result of greater emotional connection in the content. While we will all read content and see images, the real human connection is not as evident as it is with video. Emotional triggers are what made direct sales letters and advertisements of the past so challenging to create.

The emotional impact is what helps forge connections and encourage videos to be shared – expanding the reach of a campaign – but it would be wrong to adopt such a simplistic viewpoint.

Video is informative, sure, but it’s also engaging, entertaining and meaningful. It provides evidence of trustworthiness and allows the viewer see products and services in action; answering their questions along the way.

Videos can be syndicated across a range of online platforms, reused and repurposed for use elsewhere; such as having stills pulled from the video that may be used in more traditional advertising – yet leveraging the audience’s recognition of where the still came from. Audio might be extracted and used in podcasts and online radio.

These figures do change over time. That’s the nature of the internet. But for the moment at least, the future is in video. In short:

  • Video builds trust which makes it ideal for branding
  • Google (and other search engines) rank videos and posts with embedded video higher in search results – great for SEO benefits
  • Video has very broad appeal for mobile users
  • Video appeals to those who are time poor or don’t want to read
  • The emotional appeal of video encourages social sharing
  • Video ads have a high CTR (click through rate) compared to other types of display network advertising


The question isn’t what’s good about video, or why should you use video, but what you should create videos on and where to share them.

In this guide, we’ll look deeper into the video creation process and video syndication and promotion opportunities for your business.



  • Introduction
  • Why Video?
  • Video Topic Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Demonstrate Your Passion
  • Surveys
  • Your Competitors
  • Analytics
  • SEO for Video
  • Using Closed Captions
  • Technical Aspects
  • Create a Storyboard
  • Screen Capture Videos and Talking Heads
  • High Definition Video
  • Tools for Video Marketing
  • Lighting
  • Backdrops
  • Audio
  • Stock Video
  • Teleprompters
  • Video Promotion
  • YouTube
  • Your Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Question and Answer Sites
  • Tagging
  • Playlists
  • Branding
  • Be social
  • Repurpose your video
  • Network with Influencers
  • Press Releases
  • Results Measurement
  • Wrap Up
  • Recap: 10 Essential Takeaways

Within this package, you will find the following :

  • PLR Ebook Training
  • PLR Articles About This Topic
  • Checlist
  • Infographic
  • Mini Report
  • Poster
  • License
  • Another Resource You May Need
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