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Product : Ebook
Description : With Conversion Explosion Report, You will learn how to convert leads into customers. Discover How To Explode Your Signup Rates and Conversions With This One Super Powerful Technique!


  • Don’t Let Your Mindset Hold You Back From Success
  • Traffic for Traffic’s Sake is a Waste of Time… and Money!
  • Traffic is Not the Problem; It is Your Conversion Rate
  • Conversion is Not a Last Minute Issue
  • Don’t Focus on Conversion as the Last Stage of Web Development
  • Engineer Conversion into Your Content and Sales Funnel
  • Understand the Know-Like-Trust Process
  • You Have to be Systematic and Methodical Regarding Conversion
  • The Problem with Marketing Story-telling
  • Simply Throwing Random Stories into Your Marketing and Content Materials is Not Enough
  • Explode Your Marketing Story-telling Power with the Right Strategy

Within this package, you will find the following :

  • PLR Ebook Training
  • 2 Squeeze Page Design
  • Graphic
  • License
  • Another Resource You May Need
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